Webinar – Creating new and online businesses

20 Oct

Event Description

Nowadays online businesses taking the biggest chunk of the markets even offline or store-based businesses are moving to online and e-commerce.

Here, Rasty Saeed (BDM and EMBA) will take you through a journey of the importance of data, social media, online businesses. Then, guide you all the way of how to start your own online business, the tools you can use and the plans and preparation you will need to make.

Event Content

  • How to start your own online and eCommerce business and be successful?
  • how to move my business online and make it bigger?
  • Tools and plans you will need to start your own online business.
  • Online and internet data and insights, how to get benefit from social media insights and statistics to boost your online business
  • How to purchase and wholesale products from China and other countries with minimum time and cost?
  • Future needs and management for your start-up and business.

Event Participants